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France Today | Julliet 2019

Chateau de Courtomer: the Perfect Base for Exploring Normandy

“Although there is plenty of space for large parties and kids to run around, if you’re traveling in a smaller group, don’t let that put you off inquiring about a stay – the chateau’s farmhouse can sleep up to eight comfortably... Plus, you can still enjoy being surrounded by 350 acres of private greenery and farmland, and of course, eat well and drink well!”… continuer à lire.

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The Stylist | Julliet 2019

3 gorgeous French chateaux you can rent this summer

“The picturesque Chateau de Courtomer in Normandy is utterly grandiose and a show of the kind of creamy architecture you’ve been dreaming of; it’s essentially everything you could want from a fairytale French experience”… continuer à lire.


Brides | Avril 2019

8 best places to get those epic couple drone photos around the world

“At Chateau de Courtomer, there are two ways to get an extraordinary aerial shot: Fly your drone to capture the beauty of this dreamy 18th-century French château and its surrounding gardens; or you can take off directly from the property in a hot air balloon for one of the most thrilling and romantic experiences of your lives—complete with all the iPhone pics, Hyperlapses, and Boomerangs your little heart desire” … continuer à lire.


The Scout Guide | Mars 2019

Scouted: Chateau de courtomer

“Inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the Palace of Versailles, Chateau de Courtomer, owned by a local Baltimore family, was built to reflect an ideal of nobility and elegance.

Chateau de Courtomer is set in a gentle valley amid the green hills of the Orne, a department of Normandy in western France, only two hours from Paris” … continuer à lire.


The Knot | Novembre 2018

A Destination Chateau Wedding Is Easier to Plan Than You Think

“The newest twist on a destination wedding? Renting out a whole property for you and your crew for the vacation meets wedding of a lifetime. Here’s how to turn even the most aspirational venue (like this gorgeous European chateau) into the perfect spot for a personalized party…. At Chateau de Courtomer in the Normandy region of France, guests can taste local cider, visit the market and cook with an in-house chef, watch a cheesemonger make fresh Camembert and even take a hot air balloon ride over the nearby farmland. Um yes, please!” … continuer à lire.


Brides | Novembre 2018

Through the Grand Estate and Orne Region Surrounding Chateau de Courtomer

“The grounds of this storied chateau in Normandy have been restored in the utmost care to their originating 18th-century beginnings when it was rebuilt from an even earlier medieval fortress. Along a velo ride at Courtomer, you can make stops at perfectly manicured sets of rose bushes, a farmhouse and orangerie both oozing with their own individual charm, the property’s former stables, and one of the only surviving Protestant Temples in all of la France.” …continuer à lire.


Pure Wow | Novembre 2018

7 Over-the-Top French Châteaux You Can Actually Rent

“Call them castles, palaces, manors or just stately homes, châteaus are synonymous with France…and luxury… Available for private event rentals, Château de Courtomer can be rented with the option of cleaning and cooking services (a private French chef? Yes, please!). And even though it’s located in an idyllic countryside spot in the Orne—surrounded by massive trees that will remind you of a French painting—you're not to worry: There’s sturdy Wi-Fi throughout the property so you can keep your Insta game on point.” …continuer à lire.


The Observer | Octobre 2018

live like a french princess who loves hot air balloons at chateau de courtomer

“A vacation at Versailles might be out of the question, but living like true royalty—at least for a weekend—no longer is. Enter the 25-bedroom Chateau de Courtomer, here to make your wildest Marie Antoinette fantasies a reality. Here’s, everything you need to know about Courtomer’s rich history—and the even richer experience you’ll get if you stay there.” … continuer à lire.


Chowhound | Septembre 2018

the history of fois gras (and why its controversial)

“Foie gras, which literally translates to “fatty liver” in French, is the rich, buttery, and silky product of a fattened goose or duck liver. While it can be prepared many ways and has grown in popularity both as an ingredient and delicacy around the world, it is generally synonymous with French cuisine—and with controversy surrounding how it is made… “Foie gras, or the technique of gavage, is something that dates back to the ancient Egyptians,” says Franck Ete, the preferred private chef of Chateau de Courtomer, a distinguished French chateau open to guests that is located in the Orne region of Normandy.” … continuer à lire.


Forbes | Août 2018

rent normandy's most Exclusive chateau

"The landlocked Orne department of Normandy is quintessential French countryside, with rolling fields, tiny villages and earthly pleasures like Camembert cheese, apple cider, foie gras and boudin noir. Now, you can have a bucolic getaway here in royal style in a newly restored 25-bedroom chateau available for private rentals. Elegant and well-preserved, Chateau de Courtomer is equipped to host weddings, parties, corporate events and family reunions. Maybe even the next season of The Bachelorette?"  ... continuer à lire.


Robb Report | Août 2018

Channel Your Inner Aristocrat at Château de Courtomer

"One of France’s last grand châteaux has been carefully transformed into a modern-day palace. Normandy’s newest over-the-top rental château is far more than just a pretty face. Château de Courtomer, a 25-bedroom 18th-century château that has recently unveiled a decade-long renovation by Francophile Elisabeth Bonner, earns its spot on the French National Register of Historic Monuments with aplomb—its story stretches back nearly 1,000 years, crossing revolutions, wars, and monumental cultural shifts. And now, thanks to a careful restoration and the addition of a few now nonnegotiable amenities (think central heating and upgraded plumbing) it has become a palace once more, this time fit for 21st-century guests"   ... continuer à lire.


The New York Times | Mars 2009

A French Chateau Seen Through American Eyes

"In the late 1780s, when Antoine de Saint Simon, a French marquis, wanted to build a grand chateau in Normandy, he hired a royal architect who modeled it after one of the wings at Versailles.

More than two centuries and several noble clans later, the Chateau de Courtomer now belongs to an American woman, Elizabeth Bonner. And she is renovating it slowly, trying to make the 38 rooms and the 1,600 square meters (about 17,500 square feet) feel like a home" ... continuer à lire.




International Living | Août 2018 

international living petites announces

"Enjoy a relaxing getaway at Chateau de Courtomer in the Normandy countryside of France! This 400-year-old elegant, private venue is perfect for family retreats, business meetings, weddings and other special occasions... Our team is also available to help you organize special trips to the Normandy beaches, Paris and other wonderful points of interest throughout France."

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Vogue Britanique |  Juillet 2018

vogue ever after

"Set in a 350-acre estate in Lower Normandy, the Château de Courtomer offers the elegance of a chateau, the comfort of a hotel and the heart of a home, making it the perfect venue for your wedding. Only a couple of hours away from Paris."

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Magazine Tatler |  Juillet 2018

a fine romance

"Château de Courtomer has the elegance of a chateau, the comfort of a hotel and the heart of a home, making it the perfect venue for your wedding. Set in a 300-acre estate, the chateau was originally designed as an elegant family home. Located in Lower Normandy, France just a couple of hours journey from Paris."


Vogue Américain | Juin 2018

vogue's royal wedding

"Château de Courtomer has the elegance of a chateau, the comfort of a hotel and the heart of a home, making it the perfect venue for your wedding. Set in a 300-acre estate, the chateau was originally designed as an elegant family home. Located in Lower Normandy, France just a couple of hours journey from Paris."


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